Tired of take-away?

The restaurant Souvenir stays open on the weekend for guests of ART HOUSE Basel

The ART of

We are located in the middle of the Steinenvorstadt, also affectionately called the Steinenschanze - here you are in the home of free spirits from all over the world and without you noticing it, tradition and modernity melt together.

The souvenir stands for international, cosmopolitan cuisine. Unmistakable. Traditional dishes meet experimental compositions. You are the most exciting part of the Souvenir. Because you help shape our souvenir range and thus become part of our ART HOUSE community.

Everybody has a recipe that makes you travel in your mind, whether to a foreign country, a night out in a carousel or just home to a loved one. These are exactly the tastes that make us curious. Bring us these recipes and every two months we will find one or the other story in our menu.

The Souvenir by Art House Basel also blurs the boundaries visually. The interior design is inspired by street art feeling, urban lifestyle and tradition. Changing presentations of contemporary artists, whose roots are mostly to be found on the street, give inspiration. They pay tribute to the name Art House Basel and set a trendy style. Contemporary and visionary. Individual and inviting. The interior is simple and unobtrusive, material-friendly and sustainable in its production. You can find cultural assets and icons of Swiss design here. Probably every one of you has sat on a chair like ours.